About Us

Established since 2002, yet serving the community since 2000, Perfect Tax Solutions is a professional tax firm with services including income tax preparation and income tax planning, accounting, tax appeals and tax collection actions. Our clients include individuals, couples, families, professionals and small business owners.

The owner of Perfect Tax Solutions is John J. Forero. As a tax professional, he has prepared more than 2,000 federal and state income tax returns, and has more than 300 hours of professional tax training over the past 14 years.

John is an active member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), the largest professional association of tax specialists in the nation.


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What We Do

Our focus is specifically on our clients' federal and state income tax preparation and income tax planning.

Understanding tax nuances, credits, and incentives in multiple states is an important part of a meaningful tax return. We can analyze your corporate structure and choice of entity for best tax advantage. We can perform due diligence reviews during corporate mergers and acquisitions to identify potential exposures and to present alternate transaction structures. We can provide credit and incentive analysis to maximize benefits and ensure tax compliance. Our company consists of a group of professionals with the necessary skills and experience to provide these and many other services to you.